Konstantin Kartoshkin

Director General

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Konstantin Kartoshkin was appointed to the position of General Director in July 2014.

He is a professional in economic and shipbuilding field. Mr. Kartoshkin started his working career at ‘Chernomorskiy Shipbuilding Plant’ PJSC in 1994. He passed his way from a newcomer (an engineer) to deputy director general for economy at the enterprise. From 2009 till 2014 Mr. Kartoshkin worked on the position of director general at “Sevastopol Marine Plant” JSCO.

Konstantin Kartoshkin was born in 1971. In 1994 he graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute as a specialist for industrial electronics. In 2000 he graduated from the International Institute of Business (by the Business Administration Program) as a specialist for finance.

Vyacheslav Anishchenko

First Deputy Director General – Chief Engineer

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Vyacheslav L. Anishchenko occupies his post since April 2014. At this position he monitors a trouble-free functioning of production at the enterprise and also he is charged with preserving all the equipment, buildings, structures and communications in good order. Besides, he monitors upgrading and renewal of the basic assets at the enterprise.

Mr. Anishchenko started working at Production Association “Zorya” in 1982. Within 35 years he travelled a long road from an assistant foreman in the machine shop No 50 to a deputy machine shop manager. Since the enterprise amalgamation in 2002 he was an aggregated production head at “Zorya” – “Mashproekt”, in 2010 he occupied a post of Chief Engineer. From 2012 till 2014 Vyacheslav Anishchenko was a deputy technical director for the basic assets usage.

Vyacheslav L. Anishchenko was born in 1959 in Nikolaev. He graduated from the National Shipbuilding University and got a diploma of a turbine building engineer.

Gennady Chekhovich

Deputy Director General for finance and economy

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Gennady Chekhovich occupies this post since August 2014. Under his leadership the financial departments organize rational accounting and tax reporting at the enterprise, material, labor and financial resources effective usage within adopted financial plan (budget); they also make quoting for the output products.

He started his working career in the capacity of an export-import inspector at Nikolaev perfume and cosmetic company in 1992. Since the middle of 1990s Mr.Chekhovich worked in the banking sector. And in 2008 he was at the head of Nikolaev branch of the PJSC State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine.

Gennady Chekhovich was born on 20 April 1967 in Nikolaev. In 1992 he graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute as a specialist for industrial electronics. And in 1996 he graduated from Higher Educational Establishment «Ukrainian – Finnish Institute of Management and Business», now European University, as a specialist for Finance and Credit. Gennady Chekhovich is a Ph.D. in economics.

Gennadiy Litvinov

Deputy Director General – General Designer

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Mr. Litvinov works as General Designer since August 2016.

He is responsible for the development of the pilot units and serial products upgrading.

In 1986 he started his professional career at Zorya-Mashproekt where Mr. Litvinov worked as a design engineer. In 2011 he was appointed as a Deputy Technical Director – Head of Design Department of the Serial and Repair Products.

Mr. Litvinov was born in 1963 in Nikolayev. He graduated from the Turbine Construction Faculty of the Nikolayev Shipbuilding Institute.

Nikolay Troynich

Deputy Director General (Manufacturing)

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Nikolay Troynich occupies a post of production director of the Scientific Production Complex “Zorya”-“Mashproekt” since October 2008. He is charged with production organization for all the contracts timely fulfillment.

Nikolay Troynich started his professional career at the Production Association “Zorya” in 1983, just after graduating from the institute. In 1989 Mr. Troynich changed his employer and entered a construction department of the Scientific Production Enterprise Mashproekt. In 1995 he was appointed to the post of its Pilot Production deputy head, and since 2003 he is a head of the Pilot Production of the united enterprise “Zorya”-“Mashproekt”.

Nikolay Troynich was born on 28 June 1960 in Leningrad; was certified as a turbine construction engineer after graduating from Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute.
For his creative work N.Troynich was awarded with a letter of commendation from the Supreme Rada of Ukraine.

Victor Motelchuk

Deputy director general for security

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Viktor Motelchuk occupies this post since April 2014. He is responsible for the enterprise security and also for commercial secrets preserving.

Earlier Viktor Motelchuk held a post of director for economic security, before that he occupied position of the 1st deputy director of the Ukrainian National Football Club “Dynamo”, and earlier he worked as an “Oshchadbank” safety department chief. He started his career in the bodies of power at Ukrainian Home Office.

Victor Motelchuk was born in 1964. He graduated from the faculty of physical training at Nikolaev State Pedagogical University. Later, in 2001, he got the National Home Office Academy diploma as a specialist in the field of jurisprudence.

Sergey Blokhin

Technical Director

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Sergey Blokhin works as a Technical Director since December 2012. He is responsible for the engineering policy, development and implementation of brand new products , which were fabricated relying on the latest achievements of science.

Sergey Blokhin started his working career in 1972 as a fitter apprentice in the Design Bureau “Mashproect”. In 1991 He was appointed as the Head machine-assembly department of the Design Bureau “Mashproekt” and the chief engineer of pilot production of the SPC in 1997.

Sergey Blokhin was born on 26 August 1955 in Yalguba village, Prionezhsky region, Karelian ASSR. He graduated from Nikolaev shipbuilding institute as a certified specialist for marine machinery.

Yuriy Sultanskyy

Director of marketing and gas turbine projects implementation

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Yuriy Sultanskyy occupies a post since July 2014. He determines marketing strategy for the near and further perspective in all the directions of the enterprise activity.

He is responsible for:
– the enterprises’ products sales and services promotion;
– putting delivered products into operation and their maintaining.

Mr. Sultanskyy started working at Production Association “Zorya” in 1969. During 45 years at the enterprise he passed his way from an electrician to the top leading positions of the enterprise. Since 2003 till 2014 he occupied the post of director of marketing and gas turbine projects implementation. And in March 2014 Yuri Sultansky was appointed to the position of Director General of Gas Turbine Research and Production Complex Zorya-Mashproekt.

Mr Sultansky was born on 28 September 1952 in Krymsk, Krasnodar region, Russia. In 1978 he graduated from Nikolaev Shipbuilding University as a specialist for marine power plants.

Yuriy Sultanskyy is decorated by the Polish Navy with a “Medal for Outstanding Merits”. In 2007 he was awarded a title “Honoured Industrial Worker of Ukraine”.

Serhii Korochkin

Economy Director

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Serhii Korochkin occupies a post of Economy Director at the Gas Turbine Research and Production Complex “Zorya”-“Mashproekt” since 2002. He is at the head of economical activity of the Complex.

Earlier Mr. Korochkin worked here as a chief economist. Before that from 1972 till 2001 he worked in the Scientific Engineering Bureau “Mashproekt” where he rose from the locksmith trainee to the chief economist. During that period he was recalled and from 1979 to 1985 was involved in socio-political activity of the Young Communist League in the city of Nikolaev and Nikolaev region.

Serhii Korochkin was born in 1955. In 1981 he graduated from Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute as a mechanical engineer and in 1994 he got the Russian Federation Academy of National Economy Diploma as a specialist in business management and was given a top manager qualification.

Valeriy Podymaka

Acting Procurement Director

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Mr. Podymaka has taken over the Procurement Division since October 2016. He is responsible for the just-in-time provision of goods and materials at good price and in the adequate quality. He also establishes and implements the purchasing strategies, policies, and procedures.

Valeriy Podymaka had started his career at the Chernomorskiy Ship-yard in 1976 then he worked for Aval Bank. He has been working for Zorya-Mashproekt since September 2014.

Mr. Podymaka was born in 1959 in Nikolayev. In 1983 he graduated from Nikolayev Shipbuilding Institute where he was trained as the specialist in the electric equipment of marine vessels. In 1999 Valeriy Podymaka graduated from the South Academy of the Ministry of Industrial Policy with a degree in the Finance.

Sergei Chernov

HR Director

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Sergei Chernov, was appointed to the post of HR management structure head in February 2002, when the structure was established. He is charged with all the issues concerning HR activity, personnel estimation and development, social intercommunication and staff organization culture.

Within 29 years of work at the enterprise Mr.Chernov rose from design engineer up to HR director.

Sergei Chernov was born in 1956. In 1980 he graduated from Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute, turbine faculty, with a design engineer diploma. Ph. D., professor, Honored Industry Worker of Ukraine.

Alexander Minin

IT Director

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Alexander Minin is responsible for the main trends of automation development:
• a corporate information system Zorya-Mashproekt introduction
• CALS technologies development
• systems of automatic control for technological equipment adoption

Working at the enterprise since 1999 he passed the way from a deputy IT department head to IT director. The main result of his work was a shift from a “scrappy” automation to the corporate IT system introduced at the enterprise.

Earlier Mr. Minin worked as a head engineer of a project at the Sistemotechnik Design Bureau, a head of department at the Center Research Institute and an engineer in the Vector Design Bureau. At all above posts he was engaged in the complex automation of the shipyards and the other plants of shipbuilding industry of the former USSR.
Alexander Minin is a chairman of the Ukrainian IT Directors Association local cell.

А. Мinin was born in 1955. In 1978 he graduated from Nikolaev Shipbuilding institute as a specialist for the ship electrical equipment.

Alexey Kalachov

Director for quality control

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Alexey Kalachov is at the head of Quality Control (QC) department of the Scientific Production Complex since July 2006. At this position he monitors quality of production at the enterprise and prevents the off-grade products output.

Since the early 2003 to June 2006 Mr. Kalachev worked as a deputy director for production division and was involved into the main and experimental production rigging with fitments, instruments and nonstandard equipment. Since 1987 to 2002 he worked as a head coordinating manager of the Zorya Production Association. He started his career at the enterprise as a coordinating bureau chief in 1984. Before that in 1978 – 1984 Alexei Kalachev was at military service and worked at the companies and enterprises of Ministry of Defense.

Alexey Kalachov was born in 1954. In 1978 he graduated from the air propulsion engineering faculty of Kharkov Aircraft Institute as a mechanical engineer.

Victor Syrbu

Director for labour protection

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Victor Syrbu occupies a post of a Director for labour protection Complex “Zorya”-“Mashproekt” since June 2010. At his position Mr. Syrbu makes provision for safe and healthy labor conditions, for existing legislation, rules, regulations and standards fulfillment. He also organizes labor conditions analysis, conducts new labor protection instructions development and old ones upgrading. He also supervises industrial sanitation rules implementation, fire and radiation safety, exemptions and compensations for the workers.

Victor Syrbu started working at the Kamensk-Urals metallurgical works. His career at Zorya Production Association began in 1984. Since then he occupied a number of executive posts: in 1993/2008 Mr. Syrbu was a head power engineering specialist and a chief of a power department.

He was born on 18 May 1948 in the village of Sadovoye in Kazakhstan, graduated from the Urals Higher Polytechnic School as a specialist for power networks and systems. Victor Syrbu is awarded with a honorary title Powerman Emeritus of Ukraine.

Vladimir Vorobyov

Director for export control

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Vladimir Vorobyov works at the State Enterprise Gas Turbine Scientific & Production Complex Zorya-Mashproekt since 2004.

At his position he monitors compliance of juridical rules and regulations in the exercise of export operations and shipment, timely getting the permits for for export of goods having military or double application which are produced at the enterprise. At the same time Mr. Vorobyov supervises the work of Zorya-Mashproekt Kiev Office.

V. Vorobyov started working in 1971 as an electrician’s apprentice at the Nikolaev commercial sea port. Then, after graduating from the institute he worked at a design office, from 1979 to 2002 he was at military service as an officer of the State Security Institutions of Ukraine. Now he is a retired colonel. After retiring he was at the head of Zorya-Mashproekt Kiev Office.

Vladimir Vorobyov was born in 1954. In 1978 he graduated from Nikolaev shipbuilding institute as an engineer for refrigerating equipment.
Since 2006 he is a chairman of a public body, functioning under the aegis of the State Export Control.

Arthur Pasha

Director for social security problems

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Arthur Pasha is a Director for social security problems since 2011. He is charged with the social welfare and a monitoring of the social conditions in subdivisions of “Zorya”-“Mashproekt”. A round of his duty includes a representation of management officials’ interest in the state bodies of legislative and executive power.

In 2010 Arthur Pasha was appointed as a Head of a Social Security Department.

He was born in 1969 in Nikolaev. In 1994 he graduated from Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute as a certified specialist for marine power plants designing and production. Also he graduated from The Ukrainian South Academy of Postgraduate Education with specializing in finance.