SE GTRPC Zorya-Mashproekt offers the following services to the customers:


Design Supervision of engines in operation


SE GTRPC Zorya-Mashproekt experts perform design supervision of engines operation to ensure safe and reliable operation and availability and performance enhancement.

The SE GTRPC Zorya-Mashproekt services include:

  • participation in erection and commissioning for pilot engines;

  • GT unit operation consultancy;

  • technical documentation update;

  • GT unit service live extension.

The goals are achieved by solving of the following problems:

  • update of maintenance operations documentation;

  • monitoring of pilot and series operation;

  • supervision over GTE operation and participation in investigation of fault reasons during GTE operation;

  • in case there is no possibility to put out of service operating engines that have retained operating parameters, on the initiative of the Customers the prolongation of engines lifetime in operation is allowed according to the technical condition;

  • review of the GTE performance operational information;

  • quick solution finding for the problems of operators;

  • organization and support in the supervision of operations for elimination of shortcomings revealed in operation;

  • consultancy for the operators’ engineering specialists concerning operation, design and maintenance of the SE GTRPC Zorya-Mashproekt engines.


Aftersales services of the GT equipment


SE GTRPC Zorya-Mashproekt performs a full work package on erection, commissioning, guarantee and aftersales servicing of delivered GT engines and units.

The SE GTRPC Zorya-Mashproekt services include:

  • performance of erection and commissioning operations for serial engines;

  • GTE routine maintenance in compliance with operation manual;

  • operations for the troubleshooting and the equipment replacement at the site;

  • Permanent presence of the SE GTRPC Zorya-Mashproekt expert at the site to render consultancy for the Compressor Station or the Power Plant operator’s staff for prompt resolving of the issues related to the GTE operation;

  • supply of the spare part sets for maintenance and repairs;

  • GT equipment maintenance during the guarantee period and during the whole service life (in case it is stipulated by the contract);

  • dismantling and assembly of the GTE components for repairs;

  • GTE major overhauls.