Aquarius-Type Units


For the GT units utilizing STIG cycle the exhaust steam is irretrievably discharged into atmos-phere.

Zorya-Mashproekt has developed a genuine Aquarius technology allowing to separate steam from the exhaust gases and return water condensate for repeated use in STIG cycle. In the direct contact condenser mounted downstream the waste heat recovery boiler the exhaust gases are cooled down by water spraying. In the result the temperature drops below the steam due point, the steam condenses and the water condensate is accumulated in the condenser. The water is then directed into the collecting tank, passes treatment to remove impurities and fed again in to the waste heat recovery boiler.

Flow diagram

1 – Gas turbine engine
2 – Generator
3 – Direct contact steam condenser
4 – Collecting tank for condensate
5 – Condensate treatment unit
6 – Feed water service tank
7 – External water cooler
8 – Pump

Aquarius type power units

* – GTE drives generator via gear box